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I have no idea what happened, but I was compelled to write this article.


Without question, your router is one of the most useful and convenient tech devices you own. But many of you probably view it as one of the biggest sources of frustration, anxiety, and downright anger. The fact is, setting up a home router—and keeping it running—is still more complicated and demanding of tech knowledge than the average user would like it to be.

Part of the problem is that routers do so much more than average user can understand. A router performs two primary functions. First, it routes data packets between networks. Second, it serves as a wireless access point, sharing the inbound Internet connection with all devices on a home network. A router is the central figure in a home network, connecting the vast Internet with our comparatively, tiny (yet increasingly sophisticated) private networks. That’s a complex set of responsibilities for a small, inexpensive device to perform. Most routers manage to do all these job reasonably well for the vast majority of the time. But, because all of these functions are critical to a router’s network, when your router begins to act up, you’re likely to forget the fact that it functioned flawless for weeks, or even months, at a time.

And your router will act up, from time to time. Unfortunately, these bridges between the wilds of the Web and a home user’s local area network, or LAN, are the perfect breeding grounds for a host of problems. Not being able to browse the Internet, intermittent connections drops, and dead spots in wireless coverage, are just a small sample from the endless litany of migraine-inducing Wi-Fi weirdness on those rare occasions when routers fail at their tasks.

You have the power to remediate many of these issues, even if you cringe at the thought of troubleshooting your wireless network. However, some problems that crop up are common to all wireless routers, and you want you to be able to solve them.

Of course Visual Arts is useless here, it helps.



Uhhhh, yeah.

Back Online

Now I know there’s been a delay here on the blog, but I’m back, from a real long summer vacation….:).  Anyways, a lot has been going on:


-A new forum: Nation of Stars

-A  new in the works virtual world: Dont worry, this time, I’m going for my degree in Visual Arts…..

-New Nickname: Gnats. I have no idea how that caught on.

-More GAMES!

-Well, I’m too tired to write the rest, but there will be more!


Happy TGP Sunday!

Lord Of Ultima


Lost Desert vs. ManagerZone Crew

This match just shows the wrath of the powerhouse none other than, the Lost Desert!

Watch now:


Or Match Report:

Match Report
The mood of the audience was pleasant when Baransel Yalınalp made the kick off which started today’s match.  Marcus Murwall blasted a shot towards the goal in the 3rd minute, but the shot hit the top of the crossbar and went out without Iker Cordarrel having to make a save.  Baransel Yalınalp had several of the ManagerZone Crew‘s defenders around him in the penalty area when he, after 6 minutes of play, received a pass and succeeded in some way to shoot a shot which went straight ahead into goal. This resulted in a 1-0 score and a disappointed Adrian Rosario as he didn’t even see the shot coming.   12 minutes into the match, Octavio Abascal sent off a long shot that looked like it was going straight into the goal, but because Adrian Rosario threw himself in his full length he managed to grip the ball by the left post, and there was no goal for Octavio Abascal this time.  Iker Cordarrel made a wonderful reflex save on a shot from Andreas Karlsson in the 13th minute of play.  The referee was alert and spotted a serious foul by Mattias Stridsman during the 15th minute. The player immediately received a yellow card.   Lost Desert‘s Baransel Yalınalp was standing unmarked in front of the goal when he, in the 23rd play minute, got the ball and easily drilled it into the goal.  When Brad Watkins fell near the penalty area in the 25th minute he thought he would be awarded a free kick. The referee ignored Lost Desert‘s protests and gave Brad Watkins a yellow card for diving instead.   Lost Desert‘s Baransel Yalınalp has a good shot, but didn’t show it this time. The shot went over the crossbar in the 31st minute.  In the 35th minute of the match Marcus Majewski sent off a long shot with destination to the right of the goalkeeper, but Iker Cordarrel skillfully saved the ball.  After a defensive mix-up in ManagerZone Crew‘s zone, Wilfredo Cegielski stole the ball and had only the goalie to beat. Adrian Rosario came out of the goal and Wilfredo Cegielski tried to chip the ball over his head. To his dismay, the ball went over the crossbar and out of play.  Lost Desert‘s attentive Tyron Singer managed to snatch the ball when Mattias Stridsman made a throw-in in the 39th minute of the game.  The home fans were very happy to see their team leading 3-0 at half-time.
   After some careless play in the ManagerZone Crew defense, Baransel Yalınalp kicked a shot that curved into the net to the right of Adrian Rosario. The ManagerZone Crew fans voiced their displeasure as they felt that Adrian Rosario should have stopped the shot.   In the 67th minute, Octavio Abascal made a precise shot to the right of Adrian Rosario. ManagerZone Crew‘s defense was at fault, and the scoreboard reflected the new score, 5-0. ManagerZone Crew made a substitution. David Nicholson replaced Andreas KarlssonWilfredo Cegielski sent away a hard shot on goal in the 73rd minute, but the ball went just over the crossbar and out. A very good chance.  The audience thought a goal was coming when Björn Lundgren got free with Iker Cordarrel in the 75th minute, but the goalkeeper managed to catch the ball with a huge effort.  Nicky Workman‘s late challenge caught a ManagerZone Crew‘s player on the shin and left him crawling around in pain. The referee blew his whistle and produced the yellow card. Nicky Workman helped the player get up and apologised.  After 77 played minutes  Lost Desert  got a freekick which was hit by Nicky Workman. ManagerZone Crew made a substitution. Peter Tchernev replaced Andreas Spante.  The supporters of ManagerZone Crew booed when Lost Desert was adjudged a doubtful freekick after 77 match minutes in a wonderful position. Nicky Workman didn’t get a good kick on the ball.  Cole Jones kicked well hit freekick during the 81st minute of the match.  David Nicholson hit a great freekick 87 minutes into the match.  If Wilfredo Cegielski had kept his shot down it would have been a goal in the 90th minute. The ball went over the crossbar and out instead.  The crowd rose to their feet as David Nicholson kicked a wonderful shot that went in to the left of a diving Iker Cordarrel. That made the score 6-1 in the 93 minute of play.  In the 96th minute, Octavio Abascal got an opportunity to score, but he didn’t get a solid hit on the ball and ended up kicking it wide of the goal.  Lost Desert‘s fans were exulted and cheered after their team won in a match that could easily have gone the other way.


Please recoginize  that I am reffering to the Lost Desert “soccer” team. The game is shown in 2D.

Power Soccer: US (Modified) Badge

Hmm. Guess I was just bored.

United States

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